Main VA Manager - Job Application

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We are  Looking for Virtual Assistants Main Manager.
The manager will be responsible for train new employees (Other Virtual Assistants) for eBay dropshipping sellers (our Customers).


  • Two years experience working as a virtual assistant.

  • Experience as an assistant on eBay.

  • Experience working with market research software and monitors (ebay store management).

  • Admission to a conditional job in a personal interview on Skype and a final test.

Working conditions:

  • A personal employment contract that provides protection to the virtual assistant.

  • Competitive salary plus bonuses and amazing payment terms... Much more than you imagine :)

  • Bonuses for good work.

  • Extra payment for holidays and bonuses on birthdays.

  • Option to get a loan before the payday.

We believe that when an employee enjoys his working conditions, it contributes to the success of the company!

Kindly see the details below. We will answer further questions once shortlisted for the post

To apply for the position, please complete the questionnaire

With you all the way to success on ebay business